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Squeezeimg is a very simple online photo compression program!

A bad Internet user will not deprive you of a client: one click of the mouse, and any photo is optimized, and the page loading speed has increased several times. One plugin for all the most popular CMS. Reducing the size of the photo to the desired size in 3 clicks. And 5 revolutionary features that Squeezeimg online photo compression software provides:

  • Upload up to 20 files simultaneously with a maximum size of up to 50 MB
  • Compressing photos for web makes PageSpeed ​​higher than competitors
  • You can always go back to the source: the program saves the original file
  • 7 popular photo formats to compress or convert to webP, JP2, AVIF
  • Optimize images by uploading directly from your device or from a URL.

Optimized image

JPG 1920 x 1178 : 125.13 KB

fresh bread lies on the cloth jpg

Original image

JPG 1920 x 1178 : 343.96 KB

fresh bread lies on the cloth jpg

How to compress a picture in 3 clicks size?

Drop your png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif or svg files here!
Limit of 20 files per request
File limit 50 Mb

Convert Options

Compression level

    Step 1Drag the file to the empty field on the left.

    Step 2Select the type of optimization: compression or conversion.

    Step 3Download one file or the entire package by clicking the Download All button.

  • All service data will be removed from the images, which will reduce the size of the photo without any visible loss of quality
  • A special algorithm will select the optimal resolution and detail settings depending on the selected compression ratio
  • Squeezeimg will be able to reduce the size of a photo without losing quality by removing all ancillary data. Adjust the compression ratio, and a special algorithm will instantly calculate the optimal resolution, file detail, "lightening" its weight to 90% of the original. Convert to webP, JP2, AVIF - "super compressed" formats that speed up page loading by 5 times.

Squeezeimg - the favorite photo url compressor for programmers

example of an optimized web page jpg

It is enough to compress the image , but not lose in detail. Squeezeimg is a new generation compressor:

  • choose lossy or lossy compression
  • reduce file size by up to 90 %
  • use any format: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, BMP, TIFF

Paste in the URL, press Enter, and the utility will optimize all images it finds from the link.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight will love your site!

Are you striving to bring PageSpeed ​​closer to the coveted 100 points? Squeezeimg can help you reduce the size of your photos without losing quality, eliminating the problem of long loading times for any device (PC, tablet, phone).

Super Squeezeimg

Two-fold resizing without visual loss of quality.

Batch processing

Processing up to 20 images (maximum - 50 MB) for one request.

Saving sources

When downloaded from a source, the file is cached, then processed.

WebP, JP2 and AVIF support

Convert to super compressed format: weight is 50% less than PNG, JPEG.

Supported CMS and Tools

Squeezeimg is designed to interface with the most popular build automation systems and other programmer tools. Add the plugin to your system and take advantage of image optimization in one development environment

Some Statistics

3.44 million

Total Images Optimized

2.41 thousand

Total Sites Optimized

5.95 GB

Total Savings

1.73 thousand

Total Happy People


How does Squeezeimg function?

To optimize your images, you need to upload your images to Squeezeimg. After optimization, uploaded images are replaced with optimized ones. Versions converted to webP and jp2 format are also available. Download the received images for further work.

Can I use Squeezeimg?

Squeezeimg is a very easy-to-use optimizer to images of any resource (any website, mobile app, different device).

What file formats can I optimize?

Squeezeimg optimizes files with format .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .svg, .bmp, .tiff.

Also, the image is converted to webP and jp2 format.

What compression quality should I use?

With the Lossy compression option you get the smallest possible optimized images. This compression option will result in some loss of image quality, but will reduce the image size as much as possible. It will suit you if the image size and download speed are the most important parameters for you.

The Glossy compression option is optimal. Since the optimized image is smaller than the original, there is no visible loss of quality. Allows you to speed up the loading of images with a slight loss of quality.

Choose the Lossless compression option so that after optimization the image retains the maximum quality. Note, however, that the reduction in image size will be minimal.

Can I restore the originals of my images?

Squeezeimg creates a copy of the image uploaded to the optimizer. That's, the original files are not changed.

How many websites can I use Squeezeimg with?

The number of websites to use is not limited.

As long as you have not reached your images limit, you can use Squeezeimg for any website.

Can I try Free plan Squeezeimg?

Yes, of course. You need to choose the FREE plan and sign up in Squeezeimg. Then you can optimize 1 000 images for free.

After 30 days your images limit will be restarted to 1 000 images again.

How can I pay?

You can pay by your credit / debit card.

Can I pay for using Squeezeimg one time?

Yes, you can pay for a one-time plan that allows you to optimize the amount of images that you need (5 000, 10 000, 20 000, …). In this case, there is no time's limit for using Squeezeimg.

A one-time plan is recommended for bulk processing of large images galleries.

What is included in the monthly plan?

After paying for a monthly plan, you can optimize the amount of images that is specified in the package within 30 days. Also you can use the specified size earlier.

What is included in the yearly plan?

After paying for the yearly plan, you can optimize the amount of images that is specified in the plan for 1 year. The images processing limit is updated every month.

The yearly plan differs from other plans by being more cost-effective - you get a 2-month limit of image processing for FREE.

Can I replace the plan before it ends?

Yes, you can upgrade to a plan that provides a larger (smaller) images limit at any time.

After changing the plan, the new image size limit is automatically provided.

What if I haven't found a suitable package?

You can pay for several plans at the same time. Images processing limits are cumulative. This will help you optimize all of your images without overpaying.

How can I use the API key?

You can use the same API key across different websites.

Didn't find an answer to your question?

Contact us and we can help you understand all the details of how Squeezeimg function. Write to us at info@pinta.com.ua.

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