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Super image compressor for business and private use

Previously, in order to change the image format, you had to choose a program only among those that fit your CMS, download it, understand the functionality and make a dozen of unnecessary movements.

Squeezeimg is a revolutionary way to speed up website loading. All actions are performed automatically by an advanced AI: you only have to download a file or a batch of files (up to 20 pieces), and then use them for their intended purpose.

Compress image or convert - a double-edged tool for business

The software we've developed is successfully used by:

- marketers,

- developers,

- Individuals,

- ecommerce projects.

You can optimize an image in two ways: compress it to 90% of its original size or convert it to one of the popular formats (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg, bmp, tiff).

How does it work?

Optimization is performed online with no visible quality loss in any of the 3 options of compression degree: low, medium or high. A special Squeezeimg algorithm will help you to choose the right option. You can convert your photos to one of the "super compressed" formats: webP, JP2, AVIF. Try it right now, using the simple functionality of this powerful program and get an order of magnitude ahead of the competition!

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