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4 reasons why competitors don't like Squeezeimg

How many actions does it take to compress an image? And if you need to convert the photo as well? Squeezeimg online service minimizes the number of actions to 3, providing a narrowly focused and effective tool. With it, you'll be able to speed up the loading of your site by 5 times without losing image quality.

What makes us better? The 4 unconditional advantages of Squeezeimg

By developing a new image optimization service, we've made key points even more effective by taking into account competitors' mistakes:

1. Service is maximal "overclocking": you may upload 1 file or all the images from your website and optimize them automatically.

2. To change the format of the image upload a photo png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg, bmp, tiff, and get in a couple of minutes the result in a "super-compressed" version of webP, JP2, AVIF.

3. Choose suitable tariff for different volumes of use. You can buy more rates if you want, they add up.

4. Squeezeimg works on the most popular website builders (Wordpress, Opencart, CS-Cart, PrestaShop).

Easy integration into build automation systems and interaction with other programming tools removes many limitations.

Briefly about the essentials

Optimize image in 3 clicks! If you put all the advantages together, that's exactly what our service offers. Provide up to 90% file compression, speeding up not only website load time but also converting manual photo processing to automatic processing. While your competitors are looking for a working program for their platform and download it, you are already uploading the finished result. Try it!

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